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MRI Door

The shielding door made by brass and copper foil is with high quality beryllium copper fingerstock, achieve high shielding effectiveness 10MHz~153MHz more than 100dB.

Honeycomb Vent

EMCPIONEER manufacture brass honeycomb with brass frame for MRI faraday cage to permit maximum airflow without degrading the shielded performance of MRI room

Conductive Foam Gasket

Conductive fabric over foam gasket for MRI shielded door, with various shape and size to meet your demand, with low compression force and high shielding attenuation.

MRI Window

EMCPIONEER manufactures RF shielded window for MRI cage, not only with high RF attenuation 10MHz~153MHz more than 100dB, but also with high acoustic property 40dB.

RF Fingerstock

EMCPIONEER provides beryllium copper finger gasket for MRI shielding door, with maximum spring properties and various mounting options.

LED Light

EMCPIONEER supplys LED bulb and LED strips for MRI cage, together with the matched power filter for LED light.


EMC / EMI Filter

EMCPIONEER manufactures power filter and signal filter for MRI shielding cage, AC or DC filters are both acceptable.


Copper Foil

EMCPIONEER provides high quality 99.9% pure copper foil for MRI shielded room.


Non-Magnetic Wheelchair

EMCPIONEER offers non-magnetic wheelchair for MRI shielded cage.


EMCPIONEER is one the leading manufacturers and suppliers for MRI cage, CT room for medical facility.



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